Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Reasons to child infection nerve injury

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Inflammation of a nerve diseases of adults and children as a result of many reasons and factors, the most important, as the chances of infection increase especially in children with diabetes and those who suffer malnutrition. Said Dr. Nuha Abu al-Wafa, an advisory children Aini Palace, the inflammation of the nerves in children usually affects the nerve one or several nerves as a result of many reasons and factors such as: 1. nerve injury by bacteria or viruses. 2. children not to eat as much good food or a lack of the necessary vitamins to build his body. 3. If the child is suffering from diabetes. And Dr. Noha relay, saying: "There are some signs that give an indication of inflammation nerve injury children, the most important": 1. child's loss of ability to sense heat and pressure and touch. 2. body's natural ability to activities such as sweat loss. 3. In the case of the inability to move leads to occurrence of nerve atrophy. And advised Dr. Noha mothers: "If you notice mothers emergence of the previous symptoms mentioned to her the need to go immediately to the competent doctor to find out why and if to make sure that the child is suffering from inflammation of the nerves due to viral is described antivirals and if the lack of vitamins is described vitamins" B ". She said: "We must take into account the mothers Medical periodic follow-up to her child diabetics to avoid infection nerves, as well as children who eat food Bdharoh weak interest by submitting it to a specialist.

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