Monday, May 4, 2015

Asthma patient .. Watch out for these foods

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Asthma patients who suffer from respiratory crises and acute asthmatic, is suffering with chronic illness, what summoned him to be very careful when exposed to hot and cold currents, and the equation of clothing and weight so as not to be exposed to more heart usury. Dr. Mohamed Isa Al Batinah consultant advised, the need for the asthma patient always remain cautious in dealing with the elements of daily life, such as food, drink and climate, among others. And food ranks high reverse some believe, may help some components of certain foods to increase the effects of asthma attacks, with recurrence in a tight time, with double the dangers at a time, so Isa advised asthma patients not to eat in the late hours of the night, and he has to activity and distributes food to the daylight hours on a regular basis, to be dinner very light, including fruits and vegetables. Warns advisory Batinah of habitual asthma patient to eat fat at night, he is more than double an asthma attack, and cause recurrence, and also warns him of extravagance in eating dairy products, drinking milk and eating yogurt in abundance, with full avoided at night, and must not be excessive in eating Red meat, poultry, and fish in particular, even asthma patient problems not doubled.

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