Monday, May 4, 2015

Study: Cell phones infect human cancer

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Many studies of the harmful effects of mobile phone, warned that because of radiation released from electromagnetic waves of high-frequency, which affects DNA, the genetic code of the human person "DNA", as well as the impact of this radiation on cells of the body, especially cells of the nervous system and reproductive system, as well as warned These studies of the seriousness of the radiation from the mobile device on children. And it reached European study lasted four years, until the waves of the mobile phones cause harm to the cells and destroys DNA "DNA". According to the British Daily Telegraph Finally, the study carried out by 12 groups of researchers across Europe and found that DNA cells shatter if exposed to wireless waves high-frequency issued by mobile phones, where the newspaper said that the destruction of genes holder "DNA" that would lead catastrophic diseases such as cancer, according to the outcome of the study. According to the study, according to the newspaper, that the older cells are more sensitive to low-frequency waves from power lines, as well as high-frequency waves of the handset. The newspaper quoted a German team member Professor Franz Addo Clover said, that the study showed that the genetic repair system loses its effectiveness with age, so the elderly are more vulnerable to the risk of these waves, and although he advised using land lines such as prevention, it warned that The study did not prove that mobile phones caused diseases because the search was conducted in the laboratory and did not reflect the real life. He added, it was the implementation of these experiments in glass channels so difficult to prove that, stressing that the data supports the trend that there is something in the horizon, and called for more experiments on mice, conducted several studies in recent years, the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving, Research has shown that using a mobile phone while driving adversely affects all body functions and visual fields.

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