Monday, May 4, 2015

The first case of transmission of plague discovery of dogs to humans

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A medical report recently published by the US Centers for Disease combat "CDC" it has been shown for the first time that the plague is transmitted from dogs to humans, according to one of the injuries sustained by a person in the US state of Colorado last year. American Organization confirmed that this is the first scientific evidence on the transmission of the disease from dogs to humans in the United States as it may be considered the first case of plague infection and its transmission from human being to another human being in America over the past century. The report said that a US citizens have been detained in hospital in July, was revealed his injury pneumonia, and the evolution of command to get a very high temperature and cough, but after further tests laboratory results revealed that infected with the bacterium "Yersinia pestis" that causes pneumonic plague. And it revealed the extended investigations that have been made that the dog owned by that person has been injured a fever and breathing problems before injury owner almost two weeks, and after subjecting the dog accurate tests proved lung and liver tissue has the bacteria "Yersinia pestis", which confirmed the first transmission of a disease plague the process of occurrence from dogs to humans. It is worth mentioning that the plague known as the Black Death, which is one of the most dangerous killer diseases, which caused the deaths of more than 200 million people throughout the ages, and consists of the disease from three basic stages: the first stage includes injury lymph human decade, and the second phase in which the microbe up to the lung and be able to move from one person to another, and the third and final phase poisoned the blood of plague and often ends with death. The findings are published in early May current site medical US "MNT".

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