Monday, May 4, 2015

Pictures .. Brazilian turns for «The Hulk»

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The newspaper "Daily Mail" the British published a report about young Brazilian Romario called Dos Santos Alves tried to be similar to the film character "The Hulk", or unstable man, so he injected muscles polychlorinated oil and alcohol. Injection Alves, aged 25 years, his muscles with oil, alcohol, even the vicinity of the muscles of his arms became almost 64 centimeters. Elvis became obsessed with building his muscles after moving from his hometown to the city of Goiania in Brazil three years ago, and you know a group of players bodybuilding, who told him about this way of building muscle. He stressed that the position of the muscle injection is addicted after the first injection you feel you want more, saying, "I remember when the doctor told me that perhaps the arms that needed to amputation, because my muscles petrified." But one of the doctors told him that he need not be amputated, and the process can be made to eradicate fossilized muscle instead. It has also become the emergence of Elvis strange for everyone, saying, "I was working in the Catholic Church .. and once a woman came and said to me that her daughter, aged 12 years will not come to church because of me that she was afraid of me." He added: "The girl I thought I was a monster."

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