Monday, May 4, 2015

Launch a 41-gun salute to celebrate the birth of the new princess in Britain

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Royal Artillery preparing to launch a 41 second shot clock Monday afternoon in the "Hyde Park" in the British capital to celebrate the birth of the new princess son, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. At the same time it fired artillery rounds at 62 honorary "Tower of London" to celebrate the arrival of the newest member of the royal family in Britain. Royal Navy yesterday sent a congratulatory message especially to Prince William and his wife Kate on board the frigate "Lancaster", where the sailors lined up on the board, forming the word "sister" in English, which was photographed by a Royal Navy helicopters. And lit some of the most prominent landmarks in the British capital, including the Hilton and bridge "Tower Bridge" and "London Eye" Hotel in pink, while some of them wrote on the "It girl" to mark the occasion property. And occupies the new Princess, which did not disclose the name yet, it ranked fourth in line to the throne in Britain.

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