Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Photos | Doctor being the excess process for himself without the help of a

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Sexy in the report, the British newspaper Daily Mail, said that a doctor Russia, was able to undergo surgery for himself, without the help of one in harsh conditions. The paper said the young doctor, 27 years old, the appendix to the removal of the same, when he was in Antarctica in 1961. The newspaper reported that Leonid Royjozov, sent with an exploratory mission to the pole, and did not have experience in medicine, and was the only doctor among the members of the mission. The newspaper published the story of the doctor, citing his memoirs, that, after his arrival in the base 6-weeks, felt pain in the abdomen with a rise in temperature, but being a doctor, it was easy for him diagnosed, it knew immediately he was suffering from acute appendicitis, he decided to undergo surgery to himself, to the fact that the nearest medical center is located 800 km. The doctor wrote in his memoirs that he lit up the room UV sterilization, and use anesthesia topically to stay in the same state of consciousness enough to perform the operation. He explained Royjozov, scientists and his team, hired a mirror to see the Mai PEOPLE him. And stunning end that I mentioned to the newspaper, is that within two weeks, the doctor "patient" able to return to regular duties was.

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