Sunday, November 30, 2014

24 countries in the Inventions Exhibition in Kuwait next Tuesday

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Regulates the Kuwaiti Science Club, the activities of the Seventh International Exhibition of Inventions in the Middle East, next Tuesday, with the participation of 150 inventors from 24 countries, and lasts for three days. And The Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, which is the largest and most important globally, sponsored by the International Exhibition of Inventions Kuwait since its first session, due to the outstanding achievements, which achieved globally in the last six years of its sessions. The work of the jury backbone of the exhibition and the base at a time, is a way of arbitration the most important thing, may affect the inventions, as the show picks inventions participation through the Scientific Committee of the exhibition, and the criterion feasibility of the invention, and assume the jury specialized in all fields liquidation participants and determine the winners, building on the basis of scientific and rules followed at the Geneva International Exhibition.

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