Sunday, November 30, 2014

Researchers are discovering that graphene stronger than steel in protection against bullets

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The US researchers conducted a mini tests to prove the effectiveness of the use of material graphene shield protection against bullets, and that by throwing a very tiny balls of silicon dioxide, also known as silica, on a sheet of graphene. In "Saans" the scientific journal Science, the researchers reported that the thickness of the layers of corn this article can be stronger than steel when it comes to absorbing effects. Graphene consists of a single sheet of atoms arranged in a honeycomb cell shape, and characterized this article as a thin, powerful, flexible and electrically conductive. And use Hwang Jae Lee of the University of "Massachusetts" in "Amherst" lasers to control silica tiny bullets penetrate a sheet of graphene thickness of 10 to 100 layer. The researchers compared the kinetic energy balls before and after the break graphene sheets, and revealed the notes using an electron microscope that graphene is wasting energy by expansion in the form of a cone and then squandered in different directions. Mini-tests showed that the strength and flexibility and rigidity extraordinary enjoyed by graphene allowed it to accommodate between 8 to 10 times the effects that can be carried by steel. However, resulted in the manner with which the graphene sheets bullets tiny also for a broader impact crater, which may be a defect potential in graphene, so I would suggest Jay Hwang me to combine graphene and other material or more may constitute a compound able to solve this problem. In 2010, researchers sharing Andre Jiem and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of graphene material. Another study published in the journal "Nature" Nature this week revealed that the graphene sheets to allow molecules to pass through a proton, a property that will improve the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells.

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