Sunday, November 30, 2014

German company innovate lifts rely on magnets

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German company invented a new concept for the work of the elevators, it depends on the magnetic force in the driven instead of cables and winches, what gives it a great dynamic according to the British newspaper The Telegraph. At the time limited the development of the elevators on the designs since spread only about 160 years ago, allows innovation "Tysnkerob" German for elevators to move horizontally and vertically through the building. While each elevator today requires an independent course in one building, the new elevator, which is called "Multi", allows the inclusion of the largest possible number of elevators in the building itself, as all moving in the same path. German company says that lifts "Multi" dedicated to the medium and high-rise buildings, noting its importance in terms of protecting the environment due to the provision of energy, as well as reducing cost, large and absorptive capacity, which amount to about 50 people. Such lifts pose revolution around the world, and in this context, CEO Andreas Chernbak say that the staff in New York to spend 16.6 years waiting for the elevators, and 5.9 years in the elevators, which emphasizes the need to develop to help them. It is scheduled to begin the work of the first lift of this kind in 2016 by "Tysnkerob" German specialized in the field of ships and also the auto industry, and employs more than 50 thousand workers around the world.

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