Sunday, November 30, 2014

Expectations of positive moves to stock indicators this week

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Mohammed eras, head of technical analysis at National Bank of Kuwait NBK feet in the program "Eye on the index," a technical analysis of the session last week and expectations for the next week. Eras and explained that the index Thalathiny targets between 9140 points to 9420 points by the end of the week. Analysts technicians and experts capital markets, to witness the Egyptian stock indexes during trading this week, a positive trading, in support of the passage of the events of November 28, pointing to the likelihood of a repeat scenario last week, which saw declines in the beginning and then bouncing back to the top. The Mona Mustafa, technical analyst at the African Group, the expectation that the stock performance of Positive completed during trading this week, to see with the beginning of some taking a slight profit sessions and access to areas of support sub, that performance improved during the second half of the week, which will be characterized by quietly trading with some gains careful on most indicators and stock.

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