Sunday, November 30, 2014

8 best countries in terms of Internet speed

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With the development of technology in the world and the development of different technologies year after year, or rather, day after day, increasing speed Internet and ways to provide Internet users in the development of an advanced dramatically countries, but unfortunately in many of our Arab countries are still online speed provided by many to provide Arabic internet slow companies so, if you like fast Internet you must pay a large sum of money.
Now we will review the highest average speed of the Internet in the world for Internet users in these countries for this year, as mentioned site "Professional": South Korea: Faster and better Internet service in the world where the average speed of the Internet where 24.6 MB per second, you can download any movie in HD resolution over almost a quarter of an hour, and several years now check South Korea's top Internet service. Hong Kong: A small area but it is one of the technologically advanced countries, where the average Internet speed of 15.7 megabits per second. Switzerland: Switzerland competes with Japan to third place and this year achieved a 14.9 megabits per second. Japan Known awareness was unique technical and development, also occupies the fourth place 14.9 megabits per second. Netherlands: Netherlands achieved in this year of 14.3 megabits per second. Sweden: The average speed of the Internet where 13.6 megabits per second. Latvia: Some had never heard the name of this European country, but the average speed of the Internet where 13.5 per second. Ireland: An average of 12.6 megabits per second. To note that these speeds are not the highest speed you can order in these countries, but these speeds indicate the Central speed used by people in each of these countries. These rates do not rely solely on the speed of the Internet provided by Internet providers, but depends on the price of the service, and the economic level of the people, and the number of users, and other things.

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