Sunday, November 30, 2014

«De» cooperates with «Samsung» to simplify the purchase of Galaxy devices applications

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Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company "du" has announced its collaboration with Samsung Gulf Electronics, in order to simplify the process of buying Galaxy devices applications securely over the Internet. Said Haitham Yassin, head of communications group at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said the new partnership with "du" allows customers to access faster and simpler distinctive and their favorite applications. Yaseen said that he would not be customers need to use credit cards to make purchases, or be re-directed to a third party to complete the payment site, which often disturbs their experience applications Galaxy, as he put it, and today, and instead, will be payment operations by adding All purchases of applications with their mobile phones bill. Samsung says that the market "Galaxy applications" GALAXY Apps provides easy access to a variety of applications suitable for the area, which are specially designed and carefully selected to suit smartphones and tablets from Samsung. The company also said it is keen that the applications be Galaxy safe and able to protect users from malicious applications, which aims to steal personal user data, where the applications market by showing approved and safe at all search applications, so after undergoing rigorous tests in terms of compatibility and compliance.

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