Sunday, November 30, 2014

German minister: EU support for trade liberalization agreements with the United States

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Intends to German Economy Minister and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, "Sigmar Gabriel," allowing his party identification position on the European Union to liberalize trade agreements with Canada and the United States. He explained, "Gabriel," that other European governments would not support a full cancellation of this chapter, "In the end, I will ask approval from the party before the vote at a meeting or a general conference as promised and we decided in the party before." Gabriel announced, currently its determination to support the European Union agreements to liberalize trade with the United States and Canada, and in return he left-wing of the party expressed anger over the move, appealing Gabriel disapproval without a decision from the party. Gabriel said, in remarks to the magazine "Der Spiegel" published on its website that he would work to organize the protection of investments better and more consistent with the rule of law than it is the case in the old agreements. "I am sure that the Social Democratic Party would not stand in front of the whole of Europe and all other democratic socialist governments in Europe." It is noteworthy that the party had opposed him during a conference in September, these agreements because of the rules of protection of investments and the courts to settle disputes as stipulated in the United States and Canada.

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