Monday, December 8, 2014

Death «father of video games»

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Died German Ralph Baer, the inventor of the first video game, and call it "Abu video games," Today, at the age of the 92-year-old, that is according to a report published today on the US theverge site. The report added that Bayer, the owner of a great credit to the world of video games, where he launched the first game of the first games in the world system in the sixties of the last century, and the device holds the Brown Box name, then known as the Magnavox Odyssey and achieved great success and tremendous sales by the year 1973. The site that Bayer received the National Medal of Technology from President George W. Bush in 2006, and received the Pioneer Award in 2008, as it is more than 50 patent holder in the United States and about 100 in all parts of the world, the most famous toys ping pong and handball, football.

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