Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is Russia succeed in Electric aircraft manufacturing?

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Is Russia succeed in Electric aircraft manufacturing? Russia is characterized by high ability in the aircraft industry, has been able to aircraft manufacturing superiority of American stealth aircraft, a fighter "T -50", Moscow did not stop at this point, but now intends Electric aircraft design. Electric aircraft design in Russia Revealed Russian electronic wireless technologies company, it has completed scientific research and designs aimed at Electric aircraft manufacturing in Moscow, where the company in a statement said that the idea of this plane, which will be Tsenaiha future lies in the development of system meets all the requirements of the plane with electricity. Russian aircraft electrical features According to Russian experts, the modern electrical power generated by the aircraft used in the system to feed more systems and cycles plane consuming electricity, will also reduce the weight of the aircraft, and increase economic specifications, as well as improving air and environmental specifications. 100 companies contribute to the project Experts are expected to contribute nearly 100 Russian companies in the implementation of this project, including companies specializing in wireless technology and electrical fields, as well as of the Russian Academy of Sciences and scientific research institutes.

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