Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas tree defying the wrath of North Korea

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South Korea announced Tuesday it Ostagiz Christian organization to build a new tower in the form of Christmas tree near the border with North Korea, which would raise no doubt resentment Pyongyang. The South Korean military finally dismantle the tower of steel, was established 43 years ago near the border between the two Koreas. But that did not live up to the Christians Seoul activists anti-North Korean regime accused the government of caving in to pressure Pyongyang. The Communist regime that Christmas tree decorated with lights, topped by a giant Cross constitute a provocation rejected. And reached up to the threat of bombing this stereo. But the Defense Ministry explained that they met the request of the Board of the Christian in Korea to build a new tower in the form of a tree. He said ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok told reporters: "We have agreed to this request in order to ensure freedom of worship."

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