Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Touches Russian Turkish confuse gas leaves game

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The two sides held the Russian and Turkish important agreement in the field of natural gas, puts a key building block in the construction of a strategic partnership between the two countries in the field of blue fuel and supply to Europe. Articulated Turkish Russian agreements in the field of natural gas, may be the most significant outcome of the visit of President Vladimir Putin to Ankara, which would redraw the map of gas lines in Europe and change the accounts of players in this market. Russian and Turkish sides agreed to expand Torrent Maritime Blue Line to transport Russian gas to Turkey, to increase capacity of 3 billion cubic meters per year to 19 billion. However, the surprise, represented in the Declaration of Russian President for folding Torrent line south, due to obstruction of the European Commission and the position of Bulgaria, which was supposed to anchor the line from the sea, where, since permission was not granted extended Torrent South on its territory. Restores the new agreement between Gazprom and Botas counterpart, draw this line is going through another Turkish lands. It is interesting that this new line energy equivalent energy Torrent South at 63 billion cubic meters, as well as this line achieves very Gazprom most prominent of the draft South Torrent, a dispensing transport gas to Europe through Ukraine. Turkey and got a cut in the price of Russian gas starting from early next year by 6%, will be followed by other discounts associated with the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of gas. Cooperation results look promising for both sides, Turkey represents the largest market for gas Brom's second after Germany, and expressed to Europe market, while Ankara these become the gateway to Eastern gas revenue to the old continent, and benefit from the Russian gas as fuel supports a competitive economy.

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