Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Washington Post: falling oil prices contributing to the reform of global economies

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"The Washington Post" newspaper of America felt that the current decline in oil prices is draining millions of dollars from the coffers rich oil-exporting countries and oil companies in order to inject more aid needed by struggling economies in Europe and Japan, as well as consumers in the United States at the beginning of the peak shopping season. The paper - in the context of a report posted on its website - that as a result of this decline may be one of the biggest shifts in the course of rich countries throughout history, they are likely to reshape everything start to talk about Iran's nuclear program and even policies practiced by the Bank US Federal Reserve to revive the US economy. She noted that the decline in oil prices by 40% last week after it reached a peak in mid-June after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries "OPEC" vote constantly pumping oil at the same rate, and will expand the trend of domestic energy supplies in the United States. The newspaper added: "The question facing investors, companies and decision-makers is how to go low prices and for how long? Every day spared motorists $ 630 million of the price of gasoline compared to what they paid the price in June this year and they will receive a windfall estimated at $ 230 billion If prices continue at this low level for a year. " The newspaper quoted the head of the US Federal Reserve in New York, William Dudley saying that despite the recent massive gain of natural gas and crude oil production, the United States is still a net importer of energy, and as a result, the decline in oil prices is beneficial for the US economy and should be a strong incentive for consumers expenditures. He Dudley, that despite the decrease in the rate of inflation in oil prices, the Fed tends to display it on the basis that a quick impact Meridian will not inherent provisions change behind the policy .. pointing out that the decline in prices may convince Europeans Japanese central banks to implement more in monetary easing with the survival of lower oil prices. For his part, said the global economic institution Pkapittal Economics Andrew Kenningham that size Alaqsad the world will rise by between 5.0 to 1.0 percent due to lower oil price. American Journal found that the effects of the decline in oil prices is also evident in politics and pockets. She continued to say that with the current prices contracted annual revenue of oil exporting countries by $ 590 billion, which is money that will remain instead in the scope of the largest importers of oil, led all the borders of the United States, China and Japan.

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