Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kadri Demian: a new mechanism for financial allocations for programs of social dimension

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Detection Hani Qadri Demian, Minister of Finance, the use of a new mechanism for the development of the availability of financial allocations for a number of the general budget of the social dimension, where they will be converting payments for those programs in the specific timing of either quarterly or monthly depending on the nature of each of them and without having to repeat the offer to the Minister of software operations financial advance for taking the approval of both the availability and sufficiency notify the general budget of the Board prior to the actual implementation, thus raising the efficiency of service programs and ensure the provision of liquidity to these parties to enable it to play its role with the desired efficiency, and then continue to provide services to citizens. 74.6 million pounds of body health insurance, and 71.6 million pounds of body rail The Minister of Finance in his statement today, Wednesday, that of the public entities that will benefit from the new mechanism Health Insurance Authority, where the transfer of $ 74.6 million pounds for the body second installment value of programs on health insurance to children under the school age and women breadwinners, where bears the public treasury the cost of the two programs and who will benefit them about 14.5 million children under the school age and 621.8 thousand women breadwinners, pointing out that it will be available the value of the third and fourth installments of the two programs at the beginning of each quarter of the financial year of the current fiscal year, to enable the Authority to provide the required highest efficiency of care services . And about the amounts available to support supply goods of the first in July 2014 and until the end of November 2014, Kadri said it amounted to 12.8 billion pounds, of which 6.8 billion to support a loaf of bread and about six billion pounds of goods to support the ration card. In the same vein revealed the Minister of Finance, to provide the amount of 71 million pounds for the body rail 4.444 million pounds, including student support subscriptions for the month of September, including 3.5 million pounds subscriptions to students belonging to the Ministry of Education and 463 thousand pounds for the students belonging to the Ministry of Higher Education and 281 thousand pounds for the students of institutes value Azhar and 144.5 thousand pounds for the students of Al-Azhar University, pointing out that he will be transferred to the students' contributions support the monthly value. He added that he also agreed to make available the amount of 67.411 million pounds of body rail lines to support the non-economic. For his part, Mohamed Abdel Fattah, head of public sector budget explained, that the sector form a working group to review the entitlements of the Railway Authority on a monthly basis to quickly convert their dues, especially as it used those funds to buy spare parts and operating requirements and periodic maintenance works. On the map of the non-economic lines indicated that they include the 22 governorates of the Republic, where the number of trains operating on those lines about 916 trains transported month about 40.946 million passengers.

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