Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pictures .. first «mobile» hotel in the world

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Swedish company devised a hotel caravan, believing demand room has all the amenities found in traditional hotels. Room with a large bed can accommodate two people, sofa, bathroom, balcony, in addition to electricity, to the newspaper "Daily Mail" newspaper reported. The hotel chain "Scandk" Swedish publish these mobile rooms in many parts of the country at the request of customers, due to the overwhelming response by the citizens and tourists, but the problem lies in the laws that prevent the development of these components in some locations. The newspaper quoted one of the company's directors as saying that the strangest request was received by the company from a prisoner, because he wanted a portable room inside the prison, but his request was rejected outright. It also provides "Scandk" to her room mobile pioneers breakfast for the duration of their stay, as well as secure the guards to prevent hackers and thieves from grabbing their belongings. The cost per night at the hotel about mobile £ 220, which puts it in the category of medium and high-cost hotels in Sweden.

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