Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Indian practiced «Yoga» on his motorcycle

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Has always been a yoga Sport intellectual and physical rely on meditation and stillness inside the house, or in a specialized centers, but the adventurer Indians break all the rules relating to the sport, through practice on his motorcycle moving on the road, the conditions do not disturb the risk to his life. And went to Jojolto Ahyiram 0.40 years, from the traditional pattern inherited from yoga, and transferred to other levels were not known before, through complex situations on his motorcycle on a daily basis in the morning. He told Ahyiram a seasoned teacher in yoga: "I'm taking my life day by performing movements the day of the motorcycle moving afternoon, at 40 km, and yet I was not any serious accidents, and sometimes I feel scared when performing erotic movements, but it makes me feel happy also. He added to Ahyiram: "Many of the yoga postures performance I can on the bike, whether it's from positions sitting or standing or lying down, I can also perform these movements with the presence of another passenger on the bike. To Ahyiram said he saw a group of adventurers performing dangerous movements on the TV screen, and the thought is that it can also develop a certain skill excels through it, so it began the practice of yoga on the back of his bike, and turned into a local hero in his home town famous.

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