Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ports Suez receives 5557 tons of drilling equipment

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Preparing the port of Suez, on Wednesday, for the reception of the two ships: turquoise, carrying 265 cars, and security on board General 6 thousand tons of cargo, as the ship leaves port Aajbashaan Degnty on board six thousand tons of general cargo bound for Jeddah. The witness Port Zeiteyat today the arrival of the ship Egypt Jazz, carrying 6,000 tons of butane coming from the Saudi port of Yanbu, and leave Sokhna port MSCI Tasmania ship bound for Jordan. Said Abdul Rahim Mustafa Red Sea Ports Authority official spokesman, had been put on high alert literary port today in preparation for the reception of 5557 tons drilling and piping equipment and two tugboats, and Nchen in favor of the Suez Canal project, and so on board the ship Jumbo Jubilee which reaches 144 meters in length and the process of unloading equipment company Engineering container. He stressed Brigade Engineer Hisham Abu years President of the Commission, the need to take the necessary precautions and to facilitate the discharge process and out of the port after completing the necessary coordination with the concerned authorities in the port procedures. And receives the port today ship Diamond Star, carrying 53 132 tons of clinker casting coming from Pakistan, and the ship Ark Voroarder on board 109 to come trucks from Daba Saudi port, and leave the port, today, the ship Spiro, carrying 10 thousand tons of general cargo destined to Sokhna to complete shipping.

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