Tuesday, May 26, 2015

11 advice to cope with intense heat

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Meteorologists warned, from direct exposure to the sun for long periods, especially between noon and during the afternoon this week, where the country is exposed to severe heat wave, peaking on Wednesday. The World Weather site weather online, announced that Egypt will be recorded the highest temperatures in the world, on Wednesday, and that up to 49 degrees Celsius in some areas, and Cairo recorded 46 degrees.
And it called on the Ministry of Health of citizens, especially the elderly and children, to take the necessary preventive measures, and avoid exposure to the sun for long periods, and avoid going out at peak times, in the light of the Registrar in temperatures rise. And Dr. Hany beholder, consultant dermatologist and former head of the National Research Centre, a few tips that should be followed during the heat wave and high temperatures, to avoid the harmful effects: 1. eating large amounts of water. 2. eating a salad a day consisting of cucumber, tomato, watercress and carrots. 3. attention to eating fruits that contain large amounts of water Kalptikh and cantaloupe. 4. When you go out should wear light cotton clothing or light-colored and avoid wearing clothes made of industrial yarns. 5. Take care not to walk in the sun directly, during the period from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon, and in the case of having to be wearing the cap and cover the head. 6. bathing with cold water, not lukewarm, to avoid fierce Nile infection. 7. the need for drying the body constantly, especially places like folds under the armpit and others and between the toes, and preferably not with paper towel and bath cloth. 8. Girls and women avoid cosmetics or perfume put on the skin and out by the morning. 9. good ventilation for homes and reduce the electric ones, using lighting inside the house. 10. Eating too much water, young children, because they need them. 11. Avoid wearing children Industrial diapers, Pampers and other, no matter how completely at home there was fatigue on mothers in washing cotton cotton Vagheiarat refills are needed these days, especially inside the house.

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