Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The smell of mint green with red pepper .. to relieve pain

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, A new study confirmed that the smell of green apples carry a positive effect in reducing the severity of migraines, and inhaled its smell is the most successful way to take advantage of its components, because the chemical flows directly transmitted from the nasal cavity to the brain. The researchers said the patients, who inhaled the smell of green apples, witnessed a significant decrease in the severity of the headaches that suffer from it. As for the alternative component of the apple, there is the smell of mint green with red pepper, which also have the same result and effect.
The researchers reported that apple juice or apple cider vinegar, which helps acid base balance in the body by eating two tablespoons of it a day on an empty stomach with a glass of water, a recipe that gradually help stop chronic headaches. The researchers said that there are other natural methods used in ancient medicine, including the two points are well known in the body can pressure them to relieve headaches. The first point in the front between the eyebrows, press your thumb on this region strongly, and at the same time, then massage your scalp from the other two fingers forward. The second point in the human body, is the area between the thumb and index finger, press strongly thumb of your other hand on this region several times, and you will notice the result.

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