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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

High certificates «Orascom» low «CIB» in the London Stock Exchange

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The performance of the Egyptian GDRs listed on the London Stock Exchange contrast, on Tuesday, in the first session of the Stock Exchange after the bank holiday. And Orascom Telecom rose certificates of deposit by 0.25% to a record of $ 0.81, and the highest level at $ 0.80, while the lowest level at $ 0.70. With the deposit of Commercial International Bank "CIB" certificates dropped by 0.18 points 2.48%, to a record of $ 7.07, and was the highest level of certification at $ 7.18, while the lowest level at $ 7.04. And certificates of deposit fell "Edita" Food Industries 0.10 points by 0.57% at $ 17.40, which was the highest level at $ 17.75, while the lowest level at $ 15.88. And keep the deposit Hermes Foundation at their level certificates at $ 3.81.

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