Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Video | walk on water and reduce weight

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Architect American engineer invented a device that achieves a unique water sports enthusiasts dream to walk on the water, it also helps in reducing weight by walking on the surface of the sea. The engineer said Jamily Cruz The apparatus innovative which carries the name "WaterBlade" is the best alternative to paddle water supply, pointing out that it is specially designed slimming and fitness in the water, thanks to its focus on moving the muscles of the foot and abdomen and rear, according to the website "Gizmaj" Technical. It depends machine water sports on the electric motor and batteries of the type "to Eciom- Aon" their 624-watt teams voltage of 12 volts, and consists of fiber and nylon, and allows the device to its rider to move forward or back to back or move a circular motion and kicks off at 10 km / h and its battery continue to work up to 5 hours. The pet portion of this device, as it allows the person take his dog or his cat with him in the water journey full of adventures and fun, and this device is still in development on the site Cake starter phase is expected to be launched for sale by the month of July and will be available first only in the United States for $ 1650.

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