Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gold recorded its lowest level in two weeks

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Gold prices fell to the lowest level in two weeks, during trading on Tuesday, the New York market, affected by the rise of the US dollar against most major currencies exchange market after the announcement of positive data on the US economy, including the rise in home sales and increase consumer confidence in the United States. And it landed gold prices, for delivery in June, by 1.5%, accounting for 17.40 dollars registered in 1180 dollars an ounce, as silver futures prices fell, for July delivery, rose 1.68 percent, or 26.2 cents to $ 16.785 registered an ounce. In terms of US economic indicators, home sales in the United States jumped by 6.8% during the month of April were sold 517 thousand homes, as the consumer confidence index in the United States rose 95.4 points registered during the month of May, after he had scored 94.3 points during April The US dollar benefited from this data is good as it appreciated against the euro European highest level since late April last, to hit the euro to $ 1.0981, as the US dollar rose against the pound, with the last record of $ 1.5348. The US dollar hit its highest level against the Japanese yen since July 2007, recording 123 yen.

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