Tuesday, May 26, 2015

View | Indonesian How sheltering from the rain of frogs?

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It seems that frogs Indonesian her her own world, Sometimes we heard about a play on the leaves, and here we are today, we hear about innovative own way to be protected from the rain. Resorted couple of frogs in Indonesia to a funny way to shelter from the rain water, and hiding it under the flowers, a moment captured by a professional photographer in Jakarta. The newspaper "Daily Mail" British: When human surprised the rain, resorted to under any wall to hide, but these couple of frogs in the garden of a house photographer Indonesian Agar Stady "47 years", it has resorted to a funny way when attached to stems flowers chrysanthemums, for Ihtmia of rain water. He said, "Stady": "I was playing with Aldvdein in the garden when it rained, and suddenly jumped to plant stems, I could not control myself in front of the novelty of the situation, Valtqtt camera and got these pictures."

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