Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pictures | kid with 12 finger

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The newspaper "Daily Mail" the British published photographs of a child born with 6 fingers on each hand and foot, and a hole in the heart, doctors believed that he will be healed with the passage of time, as he was suffering from low vision. The doctor said the supervisor of the case "Jacob" The fingers excess non-adherent fully with his hands and feet, and although it can not be an operation to eradicate excess fingers only after they are 12 months. She said Hendri, the mother of Jacob "I was shocked when I saw Jacob and I first thought that his fingers broken." She added that "excess fingers are now hampering his movement, and I do not like to subject Jacob surgery to eradicate excess fingers, but I will not leave him that I can go the school in this case." Doctors discovered that "Jacob" infected other congenital defects, a hole in the heart, and the sensitivity and difficulty in swallowing, and the problem of serious eyesight. Doctors and hopes to be a simple heart hole, dealing with the passage of time without the need for surgery. And suffering "Jacob" of Alkoluboma disease, a congenital absence of the part of the eye, this disease affects children between 10 thousand children, affecting the view dramatically. Doctors said he Difficulties determine the extent of the weakness of his eyesight since it is unable to speak, but he can see 10 cm in front of him.

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