Monday, December 8, 2014

«2 billion euros» size of the expected investments between Egypt and Italy

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The first meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Conference Egyptian-Italian food, transport and logistics, which is organized by the Chambers of Commerce Federation in cooperation with the Italian Presidency of the EU initiative, and hosted by the Alexandria over two days to agree on investment cooperation agreements in the field of logistics with a total capital of 2 billion euros resulted. This came as a product of the session discussing which was attended by the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Khalid Hanafi and a representative of the Ministry of Transport Abdul Qadir Darwish, head of Alexandria Port Authority and Ahmed Al-Wakil, head of the Alexandria Chamber and the Federation of Egyptian rooms, and Ambassador Maoritzy Masari Italian Ambassador in Cairo representative of the Presidency of the European Union on Saturday. The conference brings together more than 400 companies and organizations working in the agriculture and food industries, transport and logistics sectors, and discuss ways of cooperation through bilateral meetings between Egyptian companies and organizations and their European counterparts held a day after the end of the sessions. The trade with the European Union more than 32% of the total Egypt's trade with the world, which rose to 23.4 billion euros, and decreasing the deficit trade balance to 4.4 billion euros, was offset by the trade in services, which exceeded 9.7 billion euro surplus in favor of Egypt exceeded 3.5 billion euros .

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