Monday, December 8, 2014

Russia and India are cooperating in the field of defense computerized

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Experts say that using a conventional war of tanks, aircraft and infantry may be obsolete. The leaked media information about some of the elements, to plan the US war waged with Iran to abandon the traditional ways to fight the war, as is the case in Iraq, provides for the introduction of a private war, computer units, which would disseminate viruses cripple supplies and transportation in the country to be attacked. Was formed in the US armed forces a new leadership called "leadership computer war." In this context, T. announced. Chandra, the commander of the Indian Air Force, in a roundtable forum on the subject of Indo-Russian partnership, held at the agency Russia Today, on the eve of Russian President to Delhi, that the military cooperation between Russia and India should be not only in the field of traditional technologies, but preparations for the fight wars computerized. Gen. Indian believes that Russia may contribute to the preparation of a joint Russian-Indian technologies in the field of computer war, and must be launched this work immediately. He added that the computer war include all the armed forces, which pays the Indian leadership to lead the development of a private war, computer and set up a modern computerized doctrine.

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