Monday, December 8, 2014

Russian Internet watchdog threatens to withhold US news site

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"The Washington Post" newspaper reported the US, on Sunday, it is unique in the first incident of its kind aimed at Moscow, an independent US news organization's opposition, after the body has threatened to block Russia's Internet monitoring site US News and Entertainment "Baszewd." The site "Baszewd" has spread the message of the Russian Internet watchdog, aired on an article about the rebel attacks in Chechnya on Wednesday. Russian body and threatened to withhold US site in Russia if you do not remove the offending material, to which they relate, where she described what he had published the site "that contains calls for inciting riots year and do extreme activities or participate in mass movements." She explained Russian body, in another message, that the threat was due to put a video clip of the separatist Chechens in the article, and the video shows the group that claimed responsibility for the attacks in the Chechen capital was video lift on the website "YouTube", and was taken from the continued separatist Chechen site overshadowed Russia so before the site "YouTube" then delete it and then removed the site "Baszewd" video link. A spokesman for the agency monitoring the Russian Internet, in today's remarks carried by the "Washington Post" that he was submitting the application because the content of the video was "reason to kill people," but that in the second letter thanked the agency's "Baszewd" for his cooperation, and announced that do not block the site. The threat comes against the site "Baszewd" in the midst of an escalation of Russia's efforts to prevent Web sites from publishing any extremist contents. And blocked the agency last week site "Vimeo" to display videos to organize "Daash" for recruitment in September, also blocked collaborative programming platform "Jet Hub" to publish the contents for ways to commit suicide, and asked the agency in another incident of social networking "Twitter" site blocking some accounts users in Russia.

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