Monday, December 8, 2014

Exhibition of works by artists «Haiti» Island from the beginning of the 19th century

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Currently hosts Grand obsolete French capital Paris art exhibition revolves around the history of art and the artists who lived in "Haiti" island, since the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day. The exhibition, which runs until February 15, 2015, works by 50 artists for more than 160 works of art varied between landscapes and ideas for these artists and images of historical figures whom the artist Mario Benjamin, who works draw many portraits of politicians and women's high society, along with the work of video artist Jean Ulrich, who was carving its minerals along with filmed scenes for the disastrous earthquake in January 10, 2012, and that his image in the video film actress Sasha Hubert, as well as some religious inscriptions artist David Boyer. The exhibition also includes works by artists from families in Haiti, but they live outside their island, where the draw works for a private home original who follow the doctrine Alfodio is a religious worship known to the people of Haiti, such as the artist Herve Talimak who lived in New York in the fifties, and Jacques Gabriel, who lives in France, where the island was in the sixties isolated politically and economically from other countries.

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