Monday, December 8, 2014

For the second time .. Petroleum Research Institute receives a certificate «ISO»

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The head of the central administration of the affairs of the Secretariat of the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Osama Abdel Halim renewed confidence in the management of the environment and occupational health and safety management systems and ISO 18001 grant Institute and 14001 for the second time in a row to match the Institute of World Records specifications. The head of the central administration in his statements, to renew confidence in a second time and awarded the ISO in the fields of environment and management of occupational safety and health was the result of the keenness of the senior management institute to organize and develop work within departments and research centers to abide by the specifications occupational safety and health for workers Institute to provide a safe work for workers and provide an environment excellent services and maintain the public property of the state. He added that the Institute has succeeded for the second time in the work of more than experience the evacuation of some of the research centers, in addition to raising the efficiency of some important installations Institute to fit in with the utmost importance as it contains chemicals affect the health of workers and the external environment and attention to the deployment of occupational safety and health of all members of the Institute of Culture, both members of the Research or service departments body. He pointed out that currently underway planning to implement some training programs such as "fire-fighting course, first aid, programs, members of the occupational safety and health specialist and technical safety and health professional programs, pointing out that the Institute's going to get ISO 9001 certification, becoming the first Egyptian government entity gets quality certificate in management systems.

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