Monday, December 8, 2014

General Union of Engineering Industries welcomes the decisions «milking» industry support

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Representatives of new personnel strategy, engineering and metal industries, their absolute support to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and stressed that they will continue the effort for the advancement of these industries, which represent the backbone of the national economy. The Council welcomed the General Union of Engineering and Mineral Management, headed by Khalid Al-Fiki Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab supporting the Government of the industry and the decisions to approve the exchange pay 6 months for employees of industrial companies ten Baldh Metal Industries. In a statement, and praised them as announced by Dr. Ashraf Salman Egyptian Minister of Investment on start-up in Helwan modern steel plant for the production of 48-month national investment of 100% through the use of technical employment iron and steel company. For his part, Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, the Prime Minister received the memorandum of the union on the reform of the structures of these companies, which employs 30 000 workers. She pointed out that the union of iron and steel company is suffering from a lack of raw materials and rising prices of energy used in the operation of furnaces and demanded to pump new investments to modernize factories. The union and explained that the Delta Steel Company suffers from worn furnaces claim quickly implementing the modernization plan proposed by the General Assembly at a cost of 250 million pounds for the production of 200 thousand tons of rebar per year and work on the implementation of the government's program to run Victory Motor partnership with international companies system. Revealed General Union in its note that Egypt Aluminium Company still working temporary industrial register system 40 years ago has not been converted into a permanent record so far which affects the marketing of their production in the domestic and overseas market.

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