Monday, December 8, 2014

Russian scientist discovers new asteroid poses a danger to the planet

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Russian Space Agency "Roskosmos" said the astrophysicist Russian Vladimir Abunov, from Moscow State University, he discovered, using a network of robotic telescopes, a new asteroid threatens the planet, and its size exceeds Apophis meteorite. The Russian Space Agency through its website, on Sunday, to the emergence of a large interest in astronomical observation automatic systems after the fall of the meteorite Chelyabinsk, where last year scientists with the help of the new regulations could mentioned three meteorites pose a threat to the earth discovery. The news agency quoted Russian "Tass" the Russian world Vladimir Abunov saying that "Qatar meteorite discovered up to almost 370 meters, the largest of the meteor Apophis," pointing out that "in the event of a fall on the planet would result in explosion negative results strongly outweigh the impact left by the meteorite that landed in Russia's Chelyabinsk province last year and named after her. " He added, "We have devised a telescope" Master "of the third generation diameter of one meter, is able to explore the celestial bodies such as the meteor Chelyabinsk before approaching the Earth full week where he can not be within 10 to 20 hours a rocket equipped to intercept when it could be within a week, take All possible measures, "asserting that" a week is acceptable to ward off the danger of meteorites. "

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