Monday, December 8, 2014

Do you do Apple and model launches Women's «iPhone- 6»?

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Apple is working on the design of a miniature model of iPhone- 6 size of 4 inches in order to nine the woman's hand with ease. According to the Chinese so site, citing sources in the company, and said that the new model, which would replace the iPhone 5 C, which was launched last year. And restore the site to mind that the size of Oifun- 6 normal is 4.7 inches, while the iPhone 6 Plus, a measure which was diagnosed a few months ago of 5.5 inches, it is not known when he expected the detection of a new iPhone smart because time is announced it will unveil after iPhone- 6. The company did not give any other specifications for the Avon Women's next, the experts did not rule out that replaces the iPhone 5 C, inside the body, which produced The plastic hinges in the middle of next year. It is believed that the iPhone 5 C, disappointed users who speculated that owns more jobs, where they preferred to feed the iPhone 5, which is characterized by the multiplicity of functions. According to a study conducted by CIRP company, the share of iPhone 5 C equivalent to only 27% of all sales within the iPhone, while the share of iPhone 5 feeds 59% of them.

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