Monday, December 8, 2014

A new application that helps you create applications and games without coding

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Some programmers to launch a new application carries MAGE shortened name for "Mobile Application Generation Environment", which is easy to use application allows anyone to create applications without the need for any programming, simply by downloading the application of MAGE on the device, allowing users experienced or novice both, download panel to create and define the template and features of the application or game you want to launch. It is equipped with all the things needed by any user wants to work in the field of building applications and games are simple and easy, and once you get on the MAGE user will find all explanations and inquiries began to help him process very easily. The aim of the application is to create a MAGE collect all the applications for the establishment of foreign features and convenience to users choices environment, starting in industry applications and implementation of ideas, which they own. The Web site gizmag US that is now before the application for support, it is supposed to be available for everyone to download early next year.

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