Monday, December 8, 2014

Marc defends ads «Facebook» insist on free network

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Denied Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive and founder of Facebook, the statements which accused his company as dealing with users of the social network as salable product. Zuckerberg defended his company, which is used as a model for the advertising profits to ensure the continuation of the free network users Facebook social services policy, declaring his refusal to convert basic services in the network services driven. Zocarperig said in an interview with Time magazine, "Our main goal to make all people in the world online, a goal will not be achieved by making our services driven." The founder of Facebook in his remarks, saying, "I feel frustrated by the presence of an increasing number of people believe that the trend to the ads as a model for profit is detrimental to users of the service, which adopt this model." Zuckerberg's comments came in response to the statements that came out of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, earlier this year to confirm that the "services on the Internet has always been free, they do not deal with the user as a consumer product, but Normal." He said Zuckerberg in his dialogue with the American Journal of response to criticism Cook said, "it is ridiculous that consumers feel that they are in compliance with Apple just because they are paying the price for their services. If Apple really agree with them to make their products less expensive." It is noteworthy that the charges against the Facebook network as users exploit indirectly, pay developers to launch new social network under the name Ello, a network that defines itself as "a paid alternative does not offer users ads do not sell their personal data."

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