Monday, December 8, 2014

French company to devise a game for the children to help them learn other languages

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Invented a French company, which is known as the "Momotb", a toy for children, help them to learn other languages such as English, German, and Spanish, has allocated contest known as the "shows", to enter the children in the tests, and the winner receives a prize. The company, which has a site on the Internet has been used, method of playing-related, such as puzzles, chess, and others, help children to teach the basic fundamentals of other foreign languages, what makes the child have fun in the hospitality game. He can hear the 5 thousand words, and sentence so he can get used to the proper pronunciation, which is the easiest way to learn other languages. In a related context, created one of the French companies hour repellent to the law, which attacks the young children in the third-old, dubbed "Arco - Pharma", a red and blue, to attract children to wear. New clock placed in the wrist "wrist" or ankle in the foot, and emitting the scent of lavender oil or lemon, helps to escape the mosquito, and the effect remains in force for a period of ten days.

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