Monday, December 8, 2014

The governor of Salahuddin: Customize sums of money for the people of the tribes generally Almentvdh «Daash»

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The Governor of Salahuddin in Iraq, a leading Jabburi, the allocation of funds to tribal members Almentvdh particular organization "Daash" in four districts. Jubouri said, in a statement quoted by the website "Alsumaria News" on Saturday, it was money and relief materials to the displaced families due to the allocation of terrorist operations in the districts of the country and Dujail and Samarra and Tuz. He added that he has been the allocation of funds to support the tribal Almentvdh generally "Daash", and the sons of the popular crowd steadfast in areas of the districts of Dujail and the country and Tuz and support weapons and gear and all that contributes to the overall support and steadfastness "Daash" and eliminate it. It is noteworthy that some of Salahuddin province, areas still experiencing military operations, following the control of the insurgents on the entire province of Nineveh, were not as Anbar province in isolation from these events, as also seen operations to fight the militants were deployed in some areas

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