Saturday, December 6, 2014

Amazon, Brazil trees in danger

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The Web site, "Weiss News" that the last decade has seen a decline in the percentage of removal Almazzon forests, but the researchers and environmental scientists believe that the pendulum is now moving in the opposite direction. And announced that the Brazilian government, the removal rate in the largest rainforest; decreased Second in 2014, in excess of 1871 square meters have been removed by less than 18% compared to 2013; where it was lost about 2275 square miles; in the worst rate recorded so far, However, observers noted that the environmental deforestation rate increased rapidly during the current year. The Amazon Rainforest; and one of the largest rainforest in the world housing thousands of rare animals and birds species, as well as being a natural source to get rid of carbon dioxide, and the Brazilian President, Dilma Roziew, allowed to pass a new law that would harm the forest area, in what he called some victory for agriculture and development. Although the Brazilian government, measuring the rate of deforestation in August of each year; however, the Brazilian environmental group, have reported the removal of about 402 square kilometers in September, followed by 244 kilometers in October, while more than what has been lost in the same time period during the last year.

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