Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cross in the swimming pool boggles the Brazilian authorities

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Brazil's civil police force, announced the discovery of "Swastika" symbol, which famous for the Nazi movement during World War II at the bottom of one of the pools area of Santa Catarina. And managed elements within one helicopter Post investigation into the abduction of the discovery of the crime code, but authorities would not racism charges against the owner of the house so as not to promote his ideas, which is famed Nazi movement, and that the house won by reference in 13 years. Although the swastika is a sacred symbol in many cultures, but the recent history linking Adolf Hitler this code, the Nazi movement in Germany, which has adopted the code since the twenties of the last century leader. The frequent presence of expatriate Europeans in Santa Catarina region, including Germans and Austrians, so that the region is celebrating ceremony "Octoparvist" of beer, as part of the revival of the European tradition. Has the Brazilian authorities after World War II, the arrest of Franz Stangl area of San Paulo, Brazil in 1967, which ran from the Holocaust process in Sobibor and Treblinka in Poland, to die later in a German prison in 1971.

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