Saturday, December 6, 2014

Invention «CUP» camera captures 100 million frames per second

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Scientists from the University of "Washington" in the United States, from the invention of a new two-dimensional camera, you can pick up 100 million images per second, known as the fastest camera in the world. Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University commented, "Li Hong Wang," saying: "For the first time we can through bilateral camera-dimensional imaging even light pulses, and the invention of the camera expresses significant scientific revolution because it will help to bring more discoveries, and so during the filming of a physical phenomenon or mysterious vitality, the more we had the fastest and most accurate imaging machine, the greater scientific discoveries. " Likely to use the cameras "CUP" in the filming of some biological processes finite speed inside the cell, or elementary particle motion inside atoms and molecules, as well as to make use of them in the field of astronomy, where he used to shoot a large and rapid explosions in galaxies, and the damage snap which affects the rapid spacecraft when exposed to space, either in the field of forensic it could shoot a bullet path inside the victim's body. Camera "CUP" is not like regular cameras, where they are intended only for scientific purposes, which consists of a complex system that includes all microscopes and camera lenses vehicle.

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