Saturday, December 6, 2014

Robotic structure to help the disabled to walk

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I always see in sci-fi movies, mechanism worn fighter structures in order to be a high ability to cope with risk, and what is the biggest fight of it in size. Those allowances mechanism, the focus of development by the military authorities to help soldiers in wars, but these structures has become a reality now, thanks to the company, "Xu Unix", which are manufactured by a noble purpose; namely, to help the owners of injuries that left them paralyzed to walk again, as site mentions "Popular Science". These structures mechanism; designed essentially told the defense advanced research projects, "DARPA" to help soldiers carry enormous weight, but it has been redesigned their exoskeletons, to help victims of stroke and spinal cord injuries to walk again. This led to all rehabilitation clinics across the United States, began to use these structures external mechanism to help disabled patients to learn to walk again. The doctor with the help of the patient's legs Balbdlh linking mechanism, and tighten the lug around the waist, so that the patient can stand up again and start walking again. While the company is currently producing; sell these automated systems for rehabilitation clinics only; where individuals can not be purchased at this time.

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