Saturday, December 6, 2014

«Computer mouse» measure heart rate during play them

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Developed a team of emerging company bearing the name "MIONIXLABS" smart computer mouse, describing saying it "advanced gaming mouse, which works to monitor the reactions of your body, and provide you with insights related to your games," according to the "Arab gate of the technology." These smart mouse, which bears the name "Naos Que Ji" (NAOS QG) and means "mouse exact play" (Quantified Gaming Mouse), and includes a number of sensors that monitor heart rate, and in response the skin, and the time of reaction in real time during play, and display information a transparent screen display on the computer screen. According to the company, "Meonax Labs", which was launched a survey campaign on the collective funding "Kikstartr" platform (Kickstarter), they want to do the same for the players; to provide insights able to understand the responses of the special act browser and improve the game mouse. It continued: "seek (Meonax Labs) is to get the funding to support innovation, and continues the company, which is trying to raise $ 100,000, until January 13 next campaign, which has so far collected about $ 25,000. The company added that players who use Naos Que Ji able to share and compare the exact playing statistics (QG) with all of their colleagues, friends and the community, and this opens up a new dimension; how to play and share broadcast games on towards professional.

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