Saturday, December 6, 2014

Canadian Study: Obesity reduces age 8 years

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Issued a team of Canadian scientists at the University of McGill, a recent study, suggest that obesity could have bombed the 8 years of the age of the individual, according to the published site "BBC News Letter." The study pointed out that obesity at an early age, leading to reduce the average age, health and the destruction of more, as well as heart problems, and type II diabetes, but people are not aware of the consequences of obesity. Study owners scientists used a computer model to measure the impact of weight gain on the average ages and expense risk, by comparing men and women living with obesity from the age of 20 years to 39 years with their peers is obese, and found that obese men have lost nearly 8 years of age, and the Ladies may have lost nearly 6 years due to obesity. Worse than this is that men who have lost 8 years of age, lived nearly 18 years in Maana of fatigue and terrorism, while women lived nearly 19 years of fatigue.

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