Saturday, December 6, 2014

India Check with your doctor conducted sterilization operations for women using the blower tires

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Health officials in India launched a full investigation after the withdrawal of a license to use doctors Mnfaja wheels of bicycles to inflate the wombs of women prior to the surgery in Taqimah genital mutilation. He noted organizers of the investigation on Friday, that the blower used bike with 56 women had undergone surgery Taqimah inside a medical center in a government Onjul province. And to prevent the doctor Mahesh Chandra Haute work place as he could face charges for use on patients Blower, a retired surgeon was working in the governmental status with the summons, according to the Secretary of Health and Arti Ahuja. And conducted investigations about the loss of pumping device for carbon dioxide inside the center, which is used to inflate the stomachs of patients to allow the introduction of surgical instruments enter certain quantities of gas. The organizers of the investigation that the danger of using the blower wheel is ignorance of the doctor the amount of air, which is Dkhh inside the abdomen of the patient which can lead to the explosion of the stomachs of patients, but the medical director responsible for maintaining Vadiadar Zhao, indicated that he did not complain about any woman who underwent operations doctor of any problems . The Indian government is working to encourage female sterilization operations or the so-called scientific tying the fallopian tubes to prevent them from reproduction in light of population growth in the country, as authorities worked to provide mobile clinics to perform surgical operations in poor neighborhoods as well as the granting of charge for women who undergo surgery.

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