Saturday, December 6, 2014

German innovates coffee maker quickly

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Invented businessman German domestic machine can transform rapidly raw coffee beans to a cup of fresh coffee, to attract up to 5 thousand request of advance booking, where consumers are looking for a drink ideal, as retailers seek to find new ways to take advantage of the coffee market. He says inventor Hans Steer that his machine "Bonaverd" ability to Shui coffee beans at the optimum temperature, and timely, and almost the same speed as filtration machines put above the current machines for the manufacture of coffee. He said Steer, chief executive of the company Bonaverd, who resigned from his job as a lawyer in 2011 to follow up on this project, "This is the most freshness of coffee Sttdhugaha." And attracted this machine being placed on a table and is slightly longer than the usual coffee maker attention during presentation last week at a meeting of the Federation of Colombian coffee growers in Bogota. And will retail for the price of this machine is about $ 650, and this machine will produce a German design in China from mid-2015 approx.

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